Health 5.0: towards customer-centric wellbeing services
18-19 October 2021

Health 5.0 is beyond healthcare. It is more of a relationship between provider and customer with wellbeing and quality of life for all at the core. It is predicted that 5.0 will give rise to a lifelong partnership with customers with digital wellness as one of its key pillars. Current healthcare service providers will shift focus beyond just treating patients, to ensuring partnerships with individuals, making treatment more of an exception than the norm. The focus now in healthcare is looking ahead to customer models where it is increasingly needed to genuinely understand customers (not just patients) of the healthcare sector.

COVID-19 is having a tremendous impact on healthcare systems and there has been an increase in attention towards the potential of digital technologies in care. Therefore, the potential of digital technologies to improve not only access to healthcare but access to more platforms and services in which patients and individuals will remain engaged for years to come.

The 2021 GIRP conference will look at this in the context of COVID-19 while at the same time accessing the impact the crisis is having and how the full-service healthcare distribution sector is preparing itself to use lessons learnt and leverage them to help support a new era in customer (not just patients) centric wellness services.